Bristol Street

January 14, 2009 at 22:17 | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments


Grovelling apologies to followers of this site. I’ve been unwell for the last quite a few days; not feverish and delirious ill but seriously asthmatic ill to the point where I could not only not get out with the Nikoff.

Anyway, just to be getting on with, here’s a shot of Bristol Street. Not a Bristol street, though the steepest street in Britain is in that fine city, but Bristol Street on Walney which nicely dispels any idea that because Walney is low-lying then it must be flat. You should try running up and down it, even without respiratory problems!



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  1. No apologies needed, just glad that you are back and on the mend.

  2. Welcome back. I’ve been burbly-chested as a well, although computer woes have kept me furtherest away. Also, sorry to pull rank, what’s the gradient on this street? I’m sure there’s a wee side-road in Wick steeper!

  3. The gradient on which street? Bristol Street on Walney isn’t all that steep. It just gives the lie to the myth that Walney is flat. Vale Street in Bristol is precipitous. I know – I’ve delivered leaflets along it!

  4. Oh look, flags you can trip on!

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