It’s Grim Oop North!

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It's Grim Up North!

The Nikoff has been idle this week. Instead, when I’ve had time, I’ve been out and about with my Nikon FG and a couple of rolls of Ilford Delta 100. This in turn was a prelude to playing around with my new toys – a Durst G670 enlarger and a whole slew of professional darkroom stuff that came to me from, of all places, Freecycle! And the mail-order chemicals and paper arrived on Friday so then I could really get cracking.

This shot was first out. I took it at the back end of Barrow Island, where the reflection of terrace houses in a big puddle struck me as a terrific subject.. I’ve had the negatives in and out of the tank and hanging over the bath to dry. I’ve turned on the old red light and I’ve made a test strip and I’ve exposed the shot and put it through the three trays and all of the magic and wonder is still there, where it was when my dad used to let me watch him in his darkroom (with a home-made enlarger made from bits of wood and war-surplus optics and an ancient bellows camera, all sliding up and down the tube from a vacuum cleaner. He’d have envied me this lot.)

Cracking stuff, Gromit. Going back to the Nikoff will be so dull – surely I can’t be the only one to feel this way?

Full Moon

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Full Moon

One reason why I don’t much like the Nikoff is that it;s so hard to get shots like this right. It’s resting on the bridge parapet for stabilty but even so it’s nigh on impossible to get it pin-sharp. I think it’s because it’s so light in weight.

The moon seen here over the Sjælland (“Princess Selandia”) and Morrisons car park.

No Snow on Black Combe

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While the papers continue to tell us we are struggling with blizzards and snowdrifts, by Friday afternoon what snow there was on Black Combe had largely vanished in the brilliant sunshine.

Old Chapel

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Old Chapel

Barrow seems to have an inordinately high density of Victorian nonconcormist chapels, most of them (but not all) now derelict. I think this may have been part of a hopeless plan to bring Temperance to the influx of migrant workers who drank and brawled in the streets! This one is in Storey Square and I expect an Old Barrovian will be along shortly to tell us its history. Bill? You have time on your hands these days!

I would hardly call it beautiful but it is rather imposing.

Snow on Black Combe

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Bridge Road

While other UK photobloggers are revelling in a once-in-a-generation snowfall, Barrow still hasn’t had more than the barest dusting. At this time of year though there’s often Barrow’s answer to Mount Fuji to fall back on. Black Combe is ever present in the background and capped with snow it looks dramatic even when it’s hazy.

Black Combe is exactly 600 metres high, so you can judge for yourself where the snowline lies.

Fog on the High Bridge

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Fog on the High Bridge

It’s been a while. Have you missed me?

I’ve been distracted by other things for a couple of weeks. Not least by maintaining a hand-written journal throughout the month of January, which I suspect stands a better chance of being preserved for posterity than anything electronic. And in similarly luddite vein, I’ve been out and about with my trusty old Nikon (oh how I love its clunky clickiness and its heft in the hand!) and a few rolls of Ilford Delta 100 and 400 which I recovered from my freezer when defrosting it. It’ll be a while before you get to enjoy the fruits of my labours but good things come to those who wait. Deferred gratification and all that. Now, where can I get my hands on an enlarger these days?

Now, where was I? I can’t bring you the much vaunted snow because despite what you may have seen in the news, we haven’t got more than a few flurries. So here’s a shot I took last week of the High Bridge in fog.

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