Snow on Black Combe

February 3, 2009 at 19:26 | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Bridge Road

While other UK photobloggers are revelling in a once-in-a-generation snowfall, Barrow still hasn’t had more than the barest dusting. At this time of year though there’s often Barrow’s answer to Mount Fuji to fall back on. Black Combe is ever present in the background and capped with snow it looks dramatic even when it’s hazy.

Black Combe is exactly 600 metres high, so you can judge for yourself where the snowline lies.



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  1. I think this week’s snow has been much hyped up by a media that seems to be a bit short of real news! It’s not been particularly bad down at the other end of Lancashire, as can be seen in the photos on my own blog.

    Black Combe really stands out with the snow cap in the sunshine – almost like a mini Mount Kilimanjaro!

  2. Or is Kilimanjaro a large Black Combe?

  3. No that’s snow on Snaefell. They do look spookily similar.

  4. It looks like a crisp, clear day. I like those.

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