Lesser black-backed gull

March 24, 2009 at 23:38 | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments


Yes, the true Barrow gull, Larus fuscus, which may spend its winters in the Mediterranean (and who can blame it) but returns home every spring to breed.

I’m guessing this one is a male, biding his time while the females are stakng out nesting sites. Bloody typical!



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  1. Tis a beautiful bird and a beautiful photo. I shall refrain, in the interests of international harmony, refrain from commenting on your “bloody typical” remark.

    And my refraining might just save my behind at home, too!

    Heh. Heh.

  2. He is definitely male. Slopping off home. That’s a very tranquil image.

  3. Very technologically interesting photo you’ve posted here.

    I could have used it 30 years ago when teaching Physics 101 to 1st year University students; laminar air-flow with reduced-level vortex turbulence – to show the importance on wing, or aerofoil/spoiler or flap design in aircraft and cars.

    The mathematics of the tapering outer flow lines, with their undulating waves is fascinating, and quite difficult to do.

    This bird really struts (or paddles) it’s stuff – to perfection.

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