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The Channelside Gardens were carved out of derelict shipyard land on Barrow Island, north of the Walney Bridge. What the full history of this bit of land is I’m not sure, and as ever I am sure there are those more knowledgable than I who will be along to tell us the full story. I’m sure I can remember the British Oxygen depot (for welding gases) being at the bridge end in the late 1960s but I don’t suppose that was always so.

As with most land on Barrow Island, I would imagine railway lines passed through the area, and doubtless freight wagons would have passed through this gate, which looks like a bit of Vickers Armstrong house ironmongery.



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  1. It’s a very elegant gate. I love wrought iron.

  2. Great photograph – the open gate invites you to follow the path to ?

    It is so nice to see previously neglected areas made into something as aesthetically pleasing and useful as this!

  3. The gates were one of a pair moved from their original location, presumambly part of the landscaping design to be representative of what was once in the area. As well as the BOC depot, there was Vickers’ Engineering Apprentice Training School (later supplemented by a similar Shipbuilding facility across the road, both on Bridge Approach), an R&D office, and what was known as the NW Yard – again part of the Vickers estate. And yes, there was a railway siding that ran right along the road side, ending in a set of buffers.

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