Barrow Pubs: The Furness Railway

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The old Co-op in Abbey Road was once the throbbing social hub of Barrow (for certain values of ‘throbbing’). My Nanna took tea and cakes there and, when she died in 1972, we saw her off there with ham.

Now the Co-op building is little more than a shell, with the ground floor taken up by Barrow’s sole example of that soulless institution of latter years, the Wetherspoons ‘pub’. Named after Jimmy Ramsden’s Furness Railway that was Barrow’s raison d’être. Nothing more to say about it, really.



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  1. I’d forgotten that used to the be co-op – blimey that takes me back.

  2. Ah, the old-Co-op where my mother got her ‘divi’ once a year. She would spend it on a scone and a cup of tea for each of us kids. This is where I officially left childhood, when my father bought me a raincoat – the first piece of clothing I had ever worn that was not hand-me-down. I was given it to go with my grandfather’s demob suit from 1920, which I inherited for my 13th birthday. My very first pair of long trousers.

  3. Great architecture! Nice shot!

  4. Happy Anniversary. I have really enjoyed your photographs and the stories that accompany them. Great job. Linda

  5. My mother and I went to the co-op to buy my Girls Grammar School uniform and equipment in 1972. It was a very long list, certainly longer than the secondary moderns. It included the blue gingham blouses that could only be bought there and “divided skirts” for hockey.I added it all up and it was just over £100, which was a lot then.

  6. Odd that comment about The Furness Railway as being a ‘souless instituion’! I find it pleasant and always interesting, both from the general atmosphere and the historical items.

    Given the previous post bemoaning the lack of beer choice in the area, this place should be commended for that very reason!!

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