Barrow Pubs: The Castle House, Biggar Bank

April 22, 2009 at 19:55 | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments


An easily overlooked kind of place; sometimes it seems surprising that it stays open in this age of mass pub closures. But it does make a fairly pleasant retreat after a long walk on the beach.



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  1. Terrific photograph. Sure doesn’t look like any of our tacky bars by the seashore.

  2. It was father’s favourite watering hole when he was alive, long may it stay open.

  3. i lived at this pub about 17 years ago. had many a fantastic evenings there.

  4. Looks terrific but when I grew up around the corner on Beach Crescent, in the ’40s, it was a dilapidated place due to the war. Occasionally we would pluck up courage to go through the windows, which long since had lost any glass, and check things out a little. We were told it was dangerous and old Tommy Stockdale who lived in an old Caravan round the back would come chasing us with his stick. What else would 8 year olds do?

    Had the odd pint there on visits back much later in life and could always find Johnny Fisher at the bar. He lived next door and had a stall in Barrow market. Sadly Johnny passed away some years ago.

    Steve in Texas

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