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Gorse in full bright-yellow bloom is always an uplifting sight. It grows in abundance on the sandy soils around Barrow and especially on Walney, and makes a splendid habitat for some of the more colourful songbirds, like the goldfinches that gather in abundance here on the Furness Golf Course alongside Sandy Gap Lane.



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  1. I can almost hear the seagulls as I look at this!

  2. Sheep also get drunk on it.

  3. Looks so different from the South of England where I grew up–stark, barren, beautiful. And what a sky!

  4. “The Gorsey” It looks terrific. It was the scene of my studies for GCE “O” levels in 1955 when we were off school. It provided a quiet and peaceful place to lie in the grass and read my Chemistry book.

    It also provided the short cut to the nearby football field, whose path I trod many times in 14 years.

    Steve in Texas

  5. I agree this reminds me of Provence, not the gorse but that gorgeous yellow.

  6. Very nice color. I don’t think I have those here.

  7. “— and in the sky the larks, still bravely singing, fly — ”

    Do the larks still sing over those gorse-clad, wind-blown links as they did in my youth?

    A lovely and evocative picture, thank you.

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