Roa Island

May 25, 2009 at 17:12 | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments


Today being very far from the traditional English Bank Holiday, that is, sunny, warm and calm, I had a walk out to one of the outlying parts of the town. Roa Island is connected to the mainland by a causeway and most of it seems to be devoted to boats (so I get pangs of envy just looking around.)

I had intended to take the ferry across to Piel but I didn’t go through with this on the grounds that: a) it’s GBP 4.00 per person for the short return trip, and b) the number of people hanging round the slipway looking expectant suggested that it would be a long wait.

There’s not a lot on Roa Island so if you’re not going to Piel there’s not much point in hanging around apart from looking at boats and the spectacular views over Morecambe Bay and towards the Lakes. Today, although it was a tad hazy, it was possible to follow the Lancashire coast right down to Liverpool. They don’t show up well in photos though, at least not in the pictures the Nikoff takes.

Meanwhile, It would be forgiveable to assume that this little scene, with the Roa Island Hotel and its bit of green in front, were taken in Norfolk rather than North Lancashire. At least, I think so.



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  1. Pieandmushies is a great site. I am from Barrow but spend a lot of time away. While away looking at the photo’s and reading the comments always brings a smile to my face.

  2. As a (Senior) Corrie fan, born in Blackburn Lancs. and living in Ontario, Canada, I’m thrilled to bits to find your blog. You see, most of my relatives lived in Barrow. (Mostly) Pilkingtons on Hibbert Road & Bennetts )my mother) – and I think I’m the only surviving member of that extended family.

    To be able to re-kindle many happy memories from the days when all the relatives gathered at Aunty Sally’s is magical! I was there during the war when the house next door was blasted away.

    (I always smiled when they pronounced Walney Island as “Wanley”.)

    Anyway, I emigrated to Canada in 1957 but didn’t catch up with Corrie until about 15 years ago. We in Ontario are 10 months behind England.

    Thanks for the memories,


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