Summer on the beach

May 30, 2009 at 22:03 | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments


Summer is here at last – Monday’s stroll to Roa was on a wonderful late spring day but since yesterday it’s been distinctly summer in a way I can’t properly define. Something to do with the soft breeze off the Irish Sea caressing the skin.

Anyway, today was a day to head for the beach, and Rosie’s First Law states that “time spent on a beach is never time wasted”. Especially time spent on Walney beach. Here’s a shot of the buildings around Biggar Bank, as seen from far enough out for the water to come up to my knees. Look, I’m not swimming while holding the Nikoff. The season’s first proper swim in the sea came after I’d put everything a safe distance up the sand – the tide comes in very quickly here.



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  1. I felt that same breeze.

  2. Was stunned to see this picture. I have a picture of my father, aged about 5 I should think (so about 1925/26) taken from just about the exact same angle! I wondered where it was taken and now I know! Wish I could send you a copy!

  3. Liz – it would have had the old pavilion in the distance rather than that peculiar concrete structure. (It’s a Chinese restaurant – one day when I get round to reviving this photo blog I’ll tell of the murder associated with it!)

  4. Ah well. I was excited for a while.

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