Rolling down to Rio

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It’s Barrow Carnival day, and the streets are, well, not quite thronged but pretty busy all the same. Unlike the last two years, it didn’t rain although after a glorious week when I was much too busy enjoying the sunshine to take many pictures it was overcast and a tad muggy. Still, it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of these local drag queens.

Ok, It ain’t Rio and it ain’t Notting Hill, but at least you can breathe.

A Variation on an Old Theme

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It’s deeply ingrained in the local culture, this business of public banners to mark birthdays. The Walney end of the bridge and the Coffee House roundabout on Barrow Island are common sites because they can’t be missed. But this is the first time \I’ve seen one on a boat in the channel.

Abbey Road in the sunshine

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There are days when one could almost believe that Jimmy Ramsden’s plan for an elegant boulevard leading all the way from Dalton to the centre of Barrow has managed to survive into a third century.

Long may the sunshine continue, by the way. We haven’t seen its like for three years now.

Horses on the beach

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There’s a riding school on Walney which brings a touch of Surrey to these parts; something that may surprise those who don’t know us very well.

I’ve never been riding but I’d imagine that the beach on Walney, coupled with its lanes and grassy expanses, would make it a fine place to ride.

Look closely to see the Walney Wind Farm on the horizon.


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I wasn’t registered for this month’s CDP theme day, but what the hell.

It’s been beach weather lately, and I couldn’t resist getting this picture before ditching the Nikoff in readiness for some serious swimming at Sandy Gap.

Yes, I know I have ugly feet…

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