High and Dry

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First, apologies for my absence over the last few days. I’ve had a crappy week and in addition I’m laid low with a rotten cold.

Anyway, here to be getting on with is a shot of fishing boats Elainalee and Talisker, beached at low tide.

Black Combe

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Black Combe

Barrow’s very own mountain.  Over beyond the Duddon Estuary and looming over the small town of Millom, but a prominent feature of the landscape hereabouts.

Actually Black Combe’s distinctive whale shape is a feature of the whole Cumberland coast south of St Bees Head, and the sunless, and therefore black, combe that gives the mountain its name is on the north-east slope and therefore not visible from here, but nowhere does it dominate the scenery as it does from here.  Look closely and you can see the northern end of Walney in front of it.

And what if it is a distant outpost of the Lake District, and a mere tiddler of a thing by Lakes standards?  At 600 metres it’s twice as high as anything in the south-east and the view from the top on a clear day is quite stupendous.


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Some would say that the best thing about Barrow is Walney, the 20-kilometre long but rather narrow island that made Barrow such a perfect sheltered harbour for the nineteenth-century industrial boom.   Most of those would be Walneyites, like myself.  Mainland Barrovians tend to regard Walneyites as simple and inbred who never leave, but what would they know?  They’re only jealous!  Anyway, 13,000 people live on the island, most of them clustered in a compact area around the single bridge that connects it to the rest of the world.  They share it with impressive numbers of gulls (mainly at the marshy southern end) and an assortment of reptiles and toads that enjoy the sand dunes to the north.  Not to mention the assorted marine life that inhabits the whole perimeter.  This blog will undoubtedly be returning to Walney again and again because it’s such a special place.

St John the Evangelist, Barrow Island

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Now, if you didn’t know, where would you guess this exotic church would be found?  Palermo?  Valetta?  Tunis?  No, it’s on Barrow Island, Barrow’s gritty old dockland area.

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